Southern Style Cooking

We offer Breakfast all day, Daily specials, homemade Chili and Soups, along with Sandwiches, Burgers and Hotdogs. Home of the Cumberland Plateau Buger and the Mt. Man Chili Dog challenge!! 

  1. Smoky Mt. Burger
    Smoky Mt. Burger
  2. The Doors Burger
    The Doors Burger
  3. The Grateful Dead Burger
    The Grateful Dead Burger
  4. Timbers Steak n' Cheese
    Timbers Steak n' Cheese
  5. Timbers Log Toast Burger
    Timbers Log Toast Burger
  6. Sicilian Burger
    Sicilian Burger
  7. Scrambler Sandwich
    Scrambler Sandwich
  8. Log Cabin Flapjacks
    Log Cabin Flapjacks
  9. Rocky Top Burger
    Rocky Top Burger

Who We Are

A Mom and Pop resturant in a cozy log cabin located in the heart of the Arts & Craft area of Gatlinburg, TN. We take pride in what we serve and our food is made to order.   We are not a fast food resturant, so sit back and enjoy the outdoor seating or sit inside and enjoy the music and the game playing on our 60" TV as we prepare your food. We guarantee it is worth the wait!

Discover Our Menu

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